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The first years

The first years

After Mehmet Ata Bey’s lesson, everybody gathered at Grand Cour so that everyone could play soccer, whereas at that time II. Abdul Hamid’s administration, aside from establishing sports clubs, even prohibits young people from coming together.

This is where the first soccer teams that form the “nuts” of the Galatasaray football team begin to form.

In the words of Ali Sami Yen, there is a similar commitment of Alexandre Dumas’s Three Musketeers among the children who make up these sets. Sometimes these children, who are sometimes insulted, sometimes forced to fight, sometimes arrested and removed from school, discover the strength of loyalty.

School manager Abdurrahman Seref Bey, ‘glasses are breaking’ he forbids playing football. II. As a result of Abdulhamid being given a journal against the school and the students, football play outside the school is prevented. However, Ali Sami Yen and his friends go to another meadow in Istanbul every week to play soccer secretly, not to be imprisoned. These habits continue until the clubhouse and cause constant distress to them. According to the expression of Ali Sami Yen, the great founder of the Galatasaray Club; “Every time Abdurrahman Şeref, who is late, invites us to the room of the football lovers, he replies:” Are you playing soccer again? ” Then we all would be silent and we would not answer this question Then my saint master approached me with a plump hand and all of us slap on love and said “I do not see you playing ball again.” We go to the farthest cafes as soon as we leave the slap, .

In order to allow these successful students to play ball, the followers of law enforcement officers would follow them and convey their journals to the interested parties: “The loyalty of the Mekteb-i Sultani-i shahane talebesin ‘

Ali Sami Yen and his friends, in 1905, a Greek team in Kadikoy, they play the game unanswered and they win the match 2-0. At the end of the matches, the name of the club is put by the spectators: “Galata Palace Lords”.

The slings of the Manager and punishment of the mecha- nbin, the danger of being watched, or being put in prison, can not solve the football love of “Galata Palace Lords”. No pressure can prevent Galatasaray Club from being born with these young people. At this moment, the greatest chance of Galatasaray is realized by a relative of Galatasaray as Tevfik Fikret.


Tevfik Fikret does not show a repressive attitude to the players who play soccer as the former mentor, on the contrary, he makes a great contribution to the club after the mekteptan by making his hand in the team building and clubbing phase. Combining his revolutionary spirit with his understanding of Galatasaray, Galatasaray shortly realizes his identity and Fikret has assumed the title of “guardian” of the Galatasaray Sports Club as well as the director’s office.

The first colors of Galatasaray Sports Club were determined as red and white. These colors, which were inspired by the colors of Turkism, were received by the oppressive and biased administrations of the era, suspiciously welcomed and followed by footballers. With the increasing fear of a rising Turkism movement of the Ottoman Empire; the use of these colors is also prohibited. In the interpretation of Ali Sami Yen; “Kuşdili’s renowned alfalfa, palliative, chunky memory has begun to shrink and glance at the impulses we draw around us, leaving us red-and-white at will, unwillingly in the way of reaching our goal, together with our use as shields for our understanding of these movements.”

The yellow-black colors proposed by the league federation at that time were also on the agenda, but new colors had to be found when they were not permanent. Let’s hear the story of these colors from Ali Sami Yen:

“After we traveled a lot of places, we eventually went to the shop of Fat Yanko in Bahcekapi where we found two exquisite woolen fabrics: a sweet red that plays to the chrysanthemum, and a yellow one that carries a trail of turquoise inside. We had a brilliance similar to the color of the wing created by a winged wing and the wing of a fool, and it seemed as if we could see the color games in the fire We were imagining that the yellow-red flame would shine on our team and take us to the victory immediately from the win. . ”

This pulse, which is the thirty-cent penny, affects them. Though they are more expensive than their hopes, they will sniff. The yellow-red fabrics are made by Ali Sami Bey’s sister Samiye (Erer) as a form.

The Galatasaray Football Team of Yellow-Red form is the first to be played on December 6, 1908 with the team of Barhau British Ships. This is the beginning and the first step of the glory years. And so, the first championship is reached in the 1908-1909 season. As the first Turkish team to win the “Galata Palace Lords” Champion, who defeated Imogen 11-0 in the last match, Turkish Football History passes.

Galatasaray players reaching the first championship and their favorite Istanbul League Shirti share their memories, brothers and sisters with their favorite Tevfik Fikret in an unforgettable memory. Galatasaray completes the seasons of 1909 – 1910 and 1910-1911 respectively as champions.

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