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The Birth of the Galatasaray’s Logo

The Birth of the Galatasaray’s Logo

The first emblem of Galatasaray was drawn by 333 Şevki Ege. It was an eagle with a football ball in its mouth. “Eagle” was a sample of the emblem on Galatasaray. However, when the name of the eagle was not adopted, the composition of the Şevki Aegean was pushed to an edge. Later, Galatasaray emblem was born and adopted.

In 1923, the year of declaration of the Republic, Galatasaray was one of the congresses that started to be done without interruption since 1919. The club was only 18 years old and this congress was especially interested in young people.

However, this will be a historical feature of the congress. Galatasaray, who has accepted himself both within the country and outside the country with the accomplishments he has achieved by that day, has gathered in that congress with a symbol that is unique to a club that a club should possess.

The emergence of the emblem was in its own right, thanks to this silent and humble Ahmet Ayetullah name. Ayetullah, which his friends called for shortly Ayetullah, was publishing a magazine called “Kara Kedi” with his friend Şinasi who is interested in making a magazine like himself and being interested in being the voice of Galatasaray students. As we wrote earlier, the magazine was not one of those magazines published in the printing press. This magazine was prepared with the participation of all the friends and was written by handwriting like the pearl of Ayet. In other words, the magazine was literally a product of hands-on, eye-catching effort.
The Ayet, a high school 1st class student, has an amazing line ability with the plot of the Black Cat, prepared mainly with his friend Şinasi. When combined with Ayet’s tremendous ability to observe, the pile studies that you have seen in our pages have created a vivid archive on dormitory culture, high school everyday life, Istanbul life, Beyoğlu and many other events.

In one of his great works, the Verse used a figure that attracted everyone’s attention on one page of the magazine he decorated and decorated with decorative elements or hand-drawn pictures he found and developed according to his own taste.

The verse, with the harmonious design of the alphabet and the sine corresponding to the alphabet G and S used before the Letter Revolution, has always placed the name and the “logosun” of his own magazine, the lovely black cat in the middle!

The drawing was so nice to everyone. It was decided that the emblem of “Galata” and “Palace” should be presented to the club’s managers – that is, of course, without black cat – the initials of the words are stacked together in a very stylish design.

Here is a very good opportunity for the congress of the club gathered in 1923 to present and accept this work as a delegation. Having a quiet personality in his own way, Ayet was a bit difficult to reveal his own work in that exciting congress environment, but a more compelling magazine companion, Sinasi, decided to present the congress by taking the picture of gay sinin from Ayet.

But he was also very young after all; after a point he could not dare to come up with this emblem in his hand. A more “sedate”, “promised” member was needed. Doctor Namık (Canko), who was sitting next to Şinasi, took an initiative and made a chair by taking the draft in Şinasi’s hand.
Dr. Namik said, “… the friends of our younger brothers and sisters have brought a badge to the Congress. I propose that our club be regarded as a remedy and a rosemary … “. Later on, a yellow red gay sina drawn on a large picture paper he had taken from Shinasi was revealed. With the emergence of the Resmin, there was a big applause on the ball, and this emblem was accepted without any controversy over the alliance of all the Galatasarayans. Now, Galatasaray’s logo, like the leading clubs all over the world, has become a logo that will enable him to introduce himself with symbols.

This emblem was first used in the envelopes and letter papers of the Galatasaray student ‘s foundation, which was newly established in 1925, after the emblem designed for the cover of the student magazine written by Ayet hand became the official logo of the club and the decision of the congress took effect. Later on high school students’ hats and jackets were processed. Of course, from the same year, regardless of which branch in the field, all Galatasaray sportsmen form.

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