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Story of colors

Story of colors

The first colors of Galatasaray Sports Club are red-white. These colors, inspired by the colors of our enemies, were skeptically oppressed by the oppressive and paranoid administration of the time, and the footballers were strictly followed. For this reason, yellow-navy colors came to the agenda, but these were not permanent and Galatasaray got the colors of today. Let’s hear the story of these colors from Ali Sami Yen:

“After many places, we finally went to the shop of Fat Yanko in Bahcekapi, where we found two elegant woolen fabrics: a sweet red one in a dark red bean bag, and a yellow one with a turquoise trail in it. We had a brilliance similar to the color of the wing created by a winged wing and the wing of a fool, and it seemed as if we could see the color games in the fire We were imagining that the yellow-red flame would shine on our team and take us to the victory immediately from the win. . ” On the other hand, Bekir Sıtkı, one of the founders, claims that the colors are inspired by the yellow and red roses given to Gül Baba II.Beyazıt.

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