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Special article appeared in Feghouli and Mariano’s contract

Special article appeared in Feghouli and Mariano’s contract

In Galatasaray, new transfers revealed that Sofiane Feghouli and Mariano had put into action a special physiotherapyist and conditioner. However, they have stated that the technical delegation and the health team are very interested in themselves and that they have prepared a special program whenever they wish, and they will not use this option unless it is imperative.

An interesting detail about two new transfers Mariano and Sofiane Feghouli, entrusted by Galatasaray’s right wing, surfaced. Both players signed the yellow-red hut, and contracted the ‘special physiotherapist and conditioner can work with’ clause. While G. Sarayli administrators welcomed this request, Fehhouli insisted on putting the matter under West Ham United days.

West Ham’a criticism

The Algerian player verbally requested physical therapist and conditioner at the signing of West Ham and received approval. However, the tension between Feghouli and the club increased as West Ham said he would not allow such support in the coming days. G. Saray’a after signing the West Ham’da special physiotherapist and conditioner because he can not be fully cured due to the lack of treatment of the player’s club criticized the disabled club.

He wrote the punch

Mariano stated that she worked with a physiotherapist and conditioner in Sevilla and that she would continue to do so in G.Saray. While everything went well for both sides until this point, the two players started training and working with G.Saray. In the meantime, neither player, neither physiotherapist nor conditioner, was able to put it on their contracts.

Unless there is a necessity

The Galatasaray executives compared the two players with the answer that they do not need it when they ask this question. In G. Saray, the technical delegation and the health team were very interested in everybody and they had prepared a special program whenever they wanted, and they admitted that they would not want a special physiotherapist or conditioner unless they were obliged to admit that they were surprised.

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