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Rıdvan Dilmen claims Arda Turan for Galatasaray

Rıdvan Dilmen claims Arda Turan for Galatasaray

Rıdvan Dilmen evaluated the Ottoman-Galatasaray encounter. Rıdvan Dilmen stated that if Galatasaray transfers Arda Turan, he will play a totally different team identity, but next week he will be a supporter of 40-45 thousand at Turk Telekom Stadium in a match against Sivasspor.

Dilmen evaluated Galatasaray’s first half with the advantage of Galatasaray, “We had a goal week starting yesterday and today we had goals too … We were all wondering about playing the match last week … a team with spectators in Osmanlıspor. Like the Ottomans, there is a smooth hand

It could have increased after Gomis’s goal. One of the Ottomans was playing, and a group of 5-6 people came in a yellow-red. It shows how good the ball is in the opponent compared to the ball we passed. Fernando is like the player with the most balls in the season. Gomis is really buried. He shot like a bullet. He had a tack on the last game. If God does not give injuries, Gomis, ‘I am here.’ says. Concentration is very high. Gomis wants to score even if he is a match with Beylerbeyi. Tudor apparently the head coach of the season. It may be more annoying in November. 2-0 is a troubled scar. Psychological pressure. Galatasaray need to find the third goal. Galatasaray is so blinded that the players are looking at the missing places.

Galatasaray today sells all of the tickets on Wednesday. I’ve been long since the foreign rule was open. I told you this year should be a little less. I am respectful if the foreign rule should be open “.

The evaluation of Rıdvan Dilmen at the end of the match is as follows:

After the goal scored 3-0, played Osmanlıspor’u. He held it again. We do not see a 0-0 match. There will be temposuz matches at the beginning of the season. But our league has started with goals. The Ottoman team was experienced and well played. Frankly; we were wondering before Galatasaray-Kayserispor game was played last week. Galatasaray was curious. Galatasaray got good footballers. What do you need? Physics capacity and play from the heart. The important summary of the match; the footballers are hungry and attacking to get the ball. Fernando may be the league’s most popular ball player. The only pre-liberals are heroes. There are 3 offensive football players. The most important player is Gomis. Constant opponent is disturbing the defense. Tolga’s 2 goals are no coincidence. This is due to the gaming system and the movement of Gomis.

Osmanlıspor 1-3 Galatasaray

“We were curious about Galatasaray on the road”

Galatasaray has won a victory. He scored 7 goals in 2 games. There is a thrilling game. We always do injustice when we interpret the breakup moments in a disadvantageous way. For example Galatasaray will play with Sivasspor 40-45 thousand people match. This obsession deserves to come. An expected Galatasaray will come out. They also have the stability of their staff in 2 weeks. Dursun Ozbek, the player on the left had said. Galatasaray will be a very good team. Today Asamoah is talking. Even on the street, uncommon players play together. Except for the goalkeeper, the spine has completely changed. Talent, physics, Galatasaray attracted attention with enthusiasm. This match was a measure for us. We were wondering how they were going to play away.

“It grows even bigger with the support of big clubs”

You do not see a man like a pig behind a striker. The physics capacity is behind your friends. It’s coming in Belch. He’s not a typical Alex-style player. Tudor may be telling him to come to some more defense. Rodrigues supports Gomis. The center can be made stronger. Dursun was a critical date for Uzbek and Tudor. Galatasaray made 2 in 2. That’s how big teams start. The fix is ​​not bad either. The disadvantage of the new roster is moving from life to wear. Neither the elimination of the group, nor the European matches will wear out. They will keep the staff stable. In Beşiktaş and Fenerbahçe we can see the rotation. Başakşehir lived his troubles. If there is no setback, we can see the same 11 next week. In Galatasaray, there was no confidence in neither the person nor the person. The work may be different with consecutive wins. Bigger clubs grow a lot more when integrated with their supporters.

Badou Ndiaye comment …

Ndiaye is not a player who plays with continuity and pass percentage. The ball is a fast player. The game can also play in the future when the counterattack returns. He’s not a big football player. These types of players are sympathetic players. Quick, quick players … If you think Oğuzhan is fast. Speed ​​is a weapon. The most important feature of Ndiaye is speed. A player who is influential from time to time but is in love with the fans.

If Feghouli starts to play …

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