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Manchester City wants 8 million euros from Denali for Galatasaray

Manchester City wants 8 million euros from Denali for Galatasaray

Despite not transferring Maicon to the defense area, Galatasaray shocked the British team while he offered to Manchester City to re-rent Jason Denayer, whom he hired 2 seasons ago. Manchester City, Galatasaray for the denyörü demanded 8 million euros.

Among the transfers Galatasaray wants to perform is Manchester City for Jason Denayer 8 million euros.

The yellow-red people who offered to hire the British club asked to put a 4 million euro purchase item on the contract of the 22-year-old soccer player who has a contract until 2020. It was reported that Manchester City was not warm to the lease and insisted for 8 million euros. It is expected that Denayer, who is in charge at this point, will convince the club and come to Galatasaray.

It is stated that the development of the Belgian footballer for the left stopper can find the end of August. City has not offered any offer for Denayer so far, Galatasaray’s hand in this transfer strengthens.

Ahmet Çalık ‘s Östersunds matches and the preparation of the encounter between the good display, Serdar Aziz’ s physically not to give confidence to the defense of the agenda was brought. Yellow-red people planning to close with this openness Denayer will either connect this player to their colors or continue with the season’s existing players.

Played in 24 games

Jason Denayer played 24 games in the Premier League last season with Sunderland. The 22-year-old defensive player, who could not prevent his team from relegating, played in a total of 5 encounters. Belgian footballer, who never saw a red card, did not get rid of seeing a yellow card in 3 games.

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