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League History

League History

Galatasaray was the first league champion to win the professional league title. Gündüz Kılıç’ın technical director in the seats Galatasaray 23 wins in 38 games, 7 draws and 8 defeats, 57 points were collected.

Galatasaray, who also made Gündüz Kılıç’s technical director, won 28 of 42 matches played in the longest league marathon in history. Galatasaray 3 draws in 11 draws. In the final group of Galatasaray, which collected 32 points in the qualifying group, it achieved the total of 35 points.

Galatasaray was the champion for the third time as Toma Kaleperovic was the technical director. Galatasaray, who has 19 wins in 30 games, 8 draws and 3 defeats, collected 46 points.

Coşkun Özarı and Brian Birch worked for Galatasaray in 17 games with 30 wins, 8 draws and 5 defeats. Galatasaray, who scored 42 points, became the champion for the fourth time.

Brian Birch was the only player in the team, and at that time, Galatasaray had 17 wins, 8 draws, 5 defeats and collected 42 points as in the previous 30 seasons. This is the fifth championship in the league.

The championship this time was the third title won by Galatasaray. Galatasaray was the champion with 47 points in this match, winning 19 wins in 30 games, 9 draws and 2 defeats. Brian Birch also became the first coach winning three championships in a row in Turkey.

This championship, which was won by Jupp Derwall after 14 years, was the 7th championship in Galatasaray’s professional leagues. Galatasaray scored 54 points in a total of 23 wins in 36 games and 8 losses in 5 draws.

Mustafa Denizli’s technical director took the lead in this match Galatasaray played in 38 games 27 wins, 9 draws and 2 defeats, while the first three points system applied to this assessment, 90 points collected.

Karl Heinz Feldkamp was appointed as coach, and Galatasaray became champion with 66 points, 20 wins, 6 draws and 4 defeats.

Galatasaray took 22 wins, 4 draws and 4 defeats in 30 games at the same time he was the coach of Reinhard Holmann. Collected 70 points. This championship will be the 10th championship that Galatasaray won in league history.

At the same time, Fatih Terim’s technical director, Galatasaray won 25 wins in 34 games and 2 draws in 7 draws. Galatasaray, who collected 82 points, was thus the 11th champion.

Having 23 wins in 34 games, 6 draws and 5 losses, Galatasaray became the 12th champion with 75 points. Galatasaray President Faruk Süren’in “20:45 championship” message would be the development that marked this season.

This championship, which was won for the third consecutive time under the leadership of Fatih Terim, was collected in 78 points while being reached with 23 wins in 34 games, 9 draws, 2 defeats.

This championship, which was won for the fourth time on top, came with 34 wins in 34 games, 7 draws and 3 defeats. Fatih Terim’s last technical coach duty was taken at the same time this time UEFA Cup won.

Galatasaray was the first to wear the third star as the champion for the 15th time Mircea Lucescu was in charge of the technical director. Galatasaray reached this championship in 34 games with 24 wins, 6 draws and 4 defeats.

This championship won by Erik Gerets will be the 16th championship on Galatasaray. Fenerbahçe’s last week in Denizli with a draw in this championship, 26 wins, 5 draws3 defeat reached. The last match of this season, 3-0 Kayserispor match and the end of that match, the expectation of the end of the Fenerbahce match in Denizli for 16 minutes will pass as unforgettable moments.

Karl Heinz started with Feldkamp and finished with the technical director of Cevat Güler for six weeks after the end of the season. At this moment Galatasaray reached the 17th championship with the incredible performance of young players wearing yellow-red jerseys for the first time despite the turmoil during the season. Fenerbahçe’s new transfer on the 32nd week of the season Galatasaray, who has also taken the lead after Nonda scored 1-0 with his goal, defeated Sivasspor 5-1 in the field with a great score this season and then strengthened his leadership. Fenerbahçe, Besiktas and Sivasspor’a 6 points with a score of 79 points extended to the championship.

Emperor Fatih Terim, who came to office after the last four years away from the expected success, formed a brand new team. This new team, catching a victory series of 9 games with a big jump from the middle of the first half, did not keep the leadership seat it had in the 14th week until the end of the season and finished 34 points ahead of the closest follower by 9 points . But this eye-catching performance was not enough to be a champion! In the play-off system, which is divided into two halves, the difference of 9 points is newly brought in due to the handicapping scandal that took place in the pre-season period … The 6 teams that we played on normal seasons are not twisted team, the teams in the first four leagues of the league, only once, he is defeated by a miracle of football, the table at the end of everything says “good” for all living; Galatasaray, 18 championship cup in the air of the rival Fenerbahce’s rival was lifting …

Galatasaray started to reach the championship in the Sports Toto Super League for the second time in the season and succeeded to be the leader for 30 weeks after topping the summit by beating Bursaspor 3-2 in the third week. Our team, who declared the 19th championship on the league date ahead of Fenerbahçe’s nearest competitor Fenerbahçe by defeating Sivasspor 4-2 at home on the 32nd week of the season by 4-2, the formality of Fenerbahçe and Trabzonspor matches to be played in the last two weeks. Fatih Terim, who celebrated the league championship for the sixth time at the top of his team who did not come to the top during the season, developed his own record. Umit Davala, Hasan Şaş and Claudio Taffarel, two of the league’s two league and TFF Super Cup champions, were also able to play quarter-finals in the UEFA Champions League.

Sports Toto Super League season 4, starting with the goal of reaching the star Galatasaray, Sezona under the management of Italian technical man Cesare Prandelli defeated Bursaspor’u 2-0 in the first week match. Galatasaray, who lost his first point loss with 0-0 Eskişehirspor in the first game he played in the inner court, lived in Balikesir with his first defeat. Galatasaray, in the 6th week Fenerbahçe 2-1’le passed the first derby victory of the season. After a 3-0 defeat against Trabzonspor in the 10th week in Istanbul, he left Cesare Prandelli.

Galatasaray’da Hamza Hamzaoğlu’nun relative came with the win over the league in the league. Galatasaray defeated Akhisar Municipality, Konyaspor and Mersin Idman Yurdu, finished third in the first half of the season with 1 point behind leader with 38 points. Galatasaray started the second half of the season with a 2-2 Bursaspor draw; Eskişehirspor, Balikesirspor, Sivasspor and Kayseri Erciyesspor’u defeated the four-week winner caught the series. Galatasaray, sitting on the leadership seat in the 21st week, was tied to the seat of the second in the 24th week. Galatasaray, who has won 8 games in 9 games after the 25th week, has reached 76 points and declared championship for one week at the end of the league.

Championship Rank
Galatasaray 20
Fenerbahçe 19
Besiktas 15
Trabzonspor 6
Bursaspor 1
2016-2017 Besiktas
2015-2016 Beşiktaş
Galatasaray 2014-2015
Fenerbahçe 2013-2014
Galatasaray 2012-2013
2011-2012 Galatasaray
2010-2011 Fenerbahçe
2009-2010 Bursaspor
2008-2009 Besiktas
2007-2008 Galatasaray
2006-2007 Fenerbahçe
2005-2006 Galatasaray
2004-2005 Fenerbahçe
2003-2004 Fenerbahçe
2002-2003 Besiktas
2001-2002 Galatasaray
2000-2001 Fenerbahçe
1999-2000 Galatasaray
1998-1999 Galatasaray
1997-1998 Galatasaray
1996-1997 Galatasaray
1995-1996 Fenerbahçe
1994-1995 Beşiktaş
1993-1994 Galatasaray
1992-1993 Galatasaray
1991-1992 Beşiktaş
1990-1991 Beşiktaş
1989-1990 Beşiktaş
1988-1989 Fenerbahçe
1987-1988 Galatasaray
1986-1987 Galatasaray
1985-1986 Beşiktaş
1984-1985 Fenerbahçe
1983-1984 Trabzonspor
1982-1983 Fenerbahçe
1981-1982 Beşiktaş
1980-1981 Trabzonspor
1979-1980 Trabzonspor
1978-1979 Trabzonspor
1977-1978 Fenerbahçe
1976-1977 Trabzonspor
1975-1976 Trabzonspor
1974-1975 Fenerbahçe
1973-1974 Fenerbahçe
1972-1973 Galatasaray
1971-1972 Galatasaray
1970-1971 Galatasaray
1969-1970 Fenerbahçe
1968-1969 Galatasaray
1967-1968 Fenerbahçe
1966-1967 Beşiktaş
1965-1966 Beşiktaş
1964-1965 Fenerbahçe
1963-1964 Fenerbahçe
1962-1963 Galatasaray
1961-1962 Galatasaray
1960-1961 Fenerbahçe
1959-1960 Beşiktaş
1959 Fenerbahçe

Turkey TFF 1. League’s starting date despite the recognition as 1959, the date the TFF Arbitration Board 05.09.2002, 2002 / 52E and 2002 / 68K decision dated throne in 1956-1957 and 1957-1958 season in Turkey’s Besiktas Club The total number of championships is 2 times the total number of league seasons since it is decided that it is a league champion and that these championships will be included in the TFF Star Rank.

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