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In Galatasaray, combined sales reached 31

In Galatasaray, combined sales reached 31

Galatasaray supporters attacked the combos after the Kayserispor match! Dursun Uzbek’s face grew after the last table when the phones were locked. So far 31 thousand combined sales Galatasaray’ta 35 thousand combined to reach the target number.

Football won the appreciation of everyone in Kayserispor encounter, yellow kırmızılılır combine interest and increased demand. At the beginning of last season, 17 thousand combined sales Galatasaray, reached the figure of 25 thousand at the beginning of this season. After the Kayseri match, there was a full explosion.

Galatasaray Club President Dursun Özbek, who was criticized by members of the Board of Divisions due to the transfer expenses he made, and his management relaxed with the support given by the supporters. Kayseri yellow-red team supporters of football match, also liked transfers and attacked combos, sales last year doubled.

Cim Bom, who sold 25 thousand combined last season, has already passed 31 pcs. G. Saray’s transfers were criticized in the extraordinary Board of Divisions, while full support was given in the place where it was governed by yellow-red tribunes. The club has doubled its combined sales figure compared to last year after the first week of the game.


The number of seats reserved in the Türk Telekom Stadium together with the lodge and VIP seats, which were sold yesterday in the yellow-red club, rose to 31,500. Galatasaray Club will be played next week before the match Sivasspor 35 number of this figure to reach the final look now.

Besides Kayseri’s football, 7 new transfers also affected their combined sales. Feghouli, Fernando, Ndiaye, Mariano, Maicon, Gomis and Belhanda also starred in the fans of the star transfer.


These sales figures reflected directly to the grandstands’ revenues obtained by Galatasaray. The club has put all of the 2016-2017 season together with the combined revenue, as well as the ticket revenues from all the matches played in the Türk Telekom Stadium, at a cost of approximately TL 67 million. G.Saray has already overtaken the 2016-17 season in the first week of the league. As a matter of fact, at the end of the first week, a grandfather revenue of about 70 million TL was obtained. Galatasaray, which is continuing its combined and loca sales, has a terrible revenue of 110 million TL …

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