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How Galatasaray was Established

How Galatasaray was Established


Galatasaray Sports Club has taken its place from Galatasaray High School (Mektebi Sultani), a pioneering institute, which is undoubtedly a pioneer in Turkish Sport History. The indispensable link between school and club is an undeniable reality and a source of pride.

In order to educate the state man II. Founded by Beyazıt in 1481, the school takes its name from the area it was founded and is known as “Galata Palace”. The school is in its modern position during the reign of Sultan Abdulaziz on 1 September 1868. School ‘s together with the restructuring, it would have started in Turkey in the true sense of the first sports training and physical education lessons at school gymnasts’ Monsieur Curelea’ by subjects in the training program. These breakthroughs are truly a revolution. Curel organizes an exercise day at Kagithane for them as they develop sporty aspects of the students they work with in modern instruments. The year is 1870. In this event, successful athletes will receive various awards and medals, and at the end of the competition students will be given “lamb rice”. This also marked the beginning of another tradition in subsequent years.

After Curel, foreign sports entrepreneurs (such as M. Moiroux, Signor Martinetti, Stangali) have started another province (swimming, rowing, instrumental gymnastics) by leaning on various branches as well as gymnastics and athletics. In addition to Faik Üstünidman, whose names are written in gold letters in the Turkish Sports History, major brothers Mazhar Kazancı, Abdurrahman and Ahmet Robenson have been working at the GSL to make sports such as scouting, tennis and hockey become popular among the students they provide. Particularly with the supine of the Ustunidman, the students meet with football. But the football played is reminiscent of an unconventional run that is not different from a blind fight. But football has taken the step of GSL ‘s Ceremonial Gate and has become a full epidemic.

In 1901, two British living in Istanbul founded the Kadikoy Football Club, consisting of James Lafontaine and Horace Armitage, the Greek and English players, but in 1903 the British on the team left a disagreement and formed the Fashion Club. In 1904, these clubs, Imogen, Elpis and Strugglers agreed with the teams and they had a passion for the Istanbul Football Association and they started to meet regularly at the “Union Club-Ittihat Spor” on the spot of today’s Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saraçoğlu Stadium. As shown, these teams are either foreign or minority. These first football competitions realized by non-Turkish teams are of interest both to the GSL students and to the students. Now their aim is to establish their own football clubs, “to remember” the rules of this game they love, and to struggle with strangers.

To beat non-Turkish teams

Ali Sami Yen, the founder of the Galatasaray Sports Club, describes the founding story in the book “Fifteenth Year”: “In 1 October 1905, our literary scholar in the fifth class of the Mektebin decided to establish a football club in Galatasaray, The first entrepreneurs were young people such as Asım Tevfik Sonumut, Resat Şirvani, Cevdet Kalpakçıoğlu, Abidin Daver, Kamil … The agile and strong of the Bulgarian and Serbian demands in the school were joined by us, I chose Cevdet as the second chief, and I became the Reis myself, and I made myself an accountant because of the fact that every penny is a penny from my friends every week, I took it with oil and bloat. I took the pork fat. I bloomed with oil, I cut the patch from the new spatula.The friends who saw it gave me more than all of us. So at that time, most of the employees earned the share of the Chief Executive and other positions. Cevdet also took the second presidency because he had washed the formality.

“Our prime is to play in a collective form like the English, to be a renegade and a name owner and to beat non-Turkish teams.”

Although opinions were raised on the way to put Gloria (victory) or Audace (courage) in the name of the club, it was finally agreed to be Galatasaray. Researcher Cem Atabeyoğlu writes that Galatasaray was born by the audience as “Galata Palace masters” when they beat the Greek team 2-0 in the first match of this team. On top of that, the founders also bear the name and say, “We are the Galata Palace.”

Founder Lists

Ali Sami Yen, a student of 889, who was the president of Galatasaray Sports Club from 1905 to 1919, was the founder of the Galatasaray Terbiye-i Physical Club on 181 and 182 pages of the Galatasaray Terbiye-i Physical Club. the member states:

1-Ali Sami Yen
2-Asım Sonumut
3-Emin Bülend Serdaroğlu
4-Celal Abraham
5-B. Nikolof
6-Milo Bishop
7-Pol View
8-Bekir Sıtkı Bircan
9-Tahsin Nahit
10-Reşat Şirvanizade
11-Hüseyin Hüsnü
12-Refik Cevdet Kalpakçıoğlu
13-Abidin Daver

Since there was no law of associations in the Ottoman Empire in 1905, Galatasaray Sports Club could not find its legal registration. After the Act of Association was issued in 1912, the club acquired a legal identity. Members who resigned or completed their education and returned to their countries were removed from the first list, and the founder list was reorganized on September 1, 1913, when it was compulsory to notify the authorities to the names and addresses of the founding members together with the regulations of their clubs. The new order of founding members is as follows:

1-Ali Sami Yen
2-Asım Sonumut
3-Emin Bülend Serdaroğlu
4-Celal Abraham
5-Bekir Sıtkı Bircan
6-Reşat Şirvanizade
7-Refik Cevdet Kalpakçıoğlu
8-Abidin Daver.


The founders of Galatasaray Sports Club in the 5th article of our Code are published in the following list:

ARTICLE 5: The club was founded by Ali Sami Yen and his friends, whose names are as follows: (Date of Entrance)
1) Ali Sami Yen 01.10.1321 (1905)
2) Asım Tevfik Sonumut 01.10.1321 (1905)
3) Emin Bülent 01.10.1321 (1905)
4) Celal Ibrahim 01.10.1321 (1905)
5) Bekir Sıtkı Bircan 01.10.1321 (1905)
6) Reşat Şirvanzade 01.09.1322 (1906)
7) Refik Cevdet Kalpakçıoğlu 01.09.1322 (1906)
8) Abidin Daver 01.09.1322 (1906)
9) Ahmet Robenson 01.09.1322 (1906)
10) Ahmet Adnan Pirioğlu 1323 (1907)
11) Nash’et 01.10.1324 (1908)
12) Ruşen Eşref Ünaydın 01.10.1324 (1908)
13) Yusuf Celal 01.10.1324 (1908)
14) Hasnun Galip 01.10.1324 (1908)
15) Hüseyin Mihni Eden 01.09.1325 (1909)
16) Mehmet Rıza Kara 01.09.1325 (1909)
Boris Nikolof (*) 01.10.1321 (1905)
Milo Bakic (*) 01.10.1321 (1905)
Paul Bakic (*) 01.10.1321 (1905)
Tahsin Nihat (*) 01.10.1321 (1905)
Hüseyin Hüsnü (*) 01.10.1321 (1905)
(*) These persons were not given the founder’s number because of their separation from membership before 14 August 1913, the date of registration of the Club.

The club was serving on 14 August 1913;
* Reis; Ali Sami Yen (Number 1 member)
* 2. Mehmet Rıza Kara (member number 16)
* Clerk; Refik Cevdet Kalpakçıoğlu (Member Number 7)
with the application made to the Beyoğlu Mutasarrlığı (District Governor’s Office).

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