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History of Galatasaray from Yesterday to Today

History of Galatasaray from Yesterday to Today

Galatasaray; Mekteb-i Sultani, the current Galatasaray High School, was founded on October 1, 1905 under the leadership of Ali Sami Yen, who spoke about establishing a soccer club while Mehmet Ata Bey was in the classroom.

Refik Cevdet Kalpakçıoğlu, Kamil Ulus Bey, Asım Sonumut, Reşat Şirvani and Abidin Daver in partnership with Refik Cevdetkalpakçıoğlu Galatasaray Sports Club is officially established.

From where to where…

Every week, a penny has been collected from all players. Ali Sami Yen was interested in the soccer ball. When I said he was interested, he was really interested. So much so that when the soccer ball cleaned with pork oil is injured or damaged; Ali Sami Yen has made a patch by cutting a piece from his foot. These orders Cevdet Kalpakçıoğlu has washed the formulary.


It is desirable that the club be named Gloria or Audace for the first time. However, the team beat the Rum competitor 2-0 in the first game they played and the audience called them “Galata Palace Lords”. For this reason, the name of today’s Galatasaray Sports Club becomes clear in this way. In addition, Ali Sami Yen chaired the team with a promise.

” Our principle is to play in a collective form like the English, be a member of a name and a name, and beat all non-Turkish teams. ”

Galatasaray Sports Club Founder List

The founder list has undergone some changes until Galatasaray Sports Club has won the official format. Ali Sami Yen, president of Galatasaray Sports Club between 1905 and 1919, who is student number 889 of Galatasaray High School; Galatasaray Terbiye-i Physical Education Club Ihsaniyet Book which is kept with its own handwriting, namely “Census Statistics Book” on pages 181 and 182, stated the following 13 members who are founders:

Ali Sami Yen
• Celal İbrahim
• Asım Tevfik Sonumut
• Boris Nikolof
• Emin Bülent Serdaroğlu
• Milo Bakic
• Bekir Sıtkı Bircan
• Pol Bakic
• Tahsin Nahit
• Hüseyin Hüsnü Kayacan
• Reşat Şirvanizade
• Abidin Daver
• Hüseyin Hüsnü Kayacan

Galatasaray Sports Club could not be registered because there were no laws of associations in the Ottoman Empire in 1905. In 1912, the Law on Associations is issued and Galatasaray Sports Club is legally registered. Authorized institutions have been removed from the first list of club members who leave the club or return to their countries after completing their education as it obliges the names and addresses of the founders to be indicated along with the statutes of the sports clubs. On September 1, 1913, the founder list is revisited. The next line of founding members is as follows;

• Ali Sami Yen
• Emin Bülent Serdaroğlu
• Asım Tevfik Sonumut
• Celal İbrahim
• Reşat Şirvanizade
• Bekir Sıtkı Bircan
• Abidin Daver
• Refik Cevdet Kalpakçı’s son

In this way, the club founders were also officially recognized by the state and the founder list was replaced by the above 8 people. Boris Nikolof, Milo Bakic, Pol Bakic, Hüseyin Hüsnü Kayacan and Tahsin Nahit were found on the list of founders.

Galatasaray Sports Club Armada

First time emblem of Galatasaray Sports Club; It was an eagle with a football ball in its mouth and a stretched wing. However, this emblem drawn by Şevki Aegean, a Galatasaray High School student, did not see enough interest and was pushed to the edge after a while.

The emblem of Galatasaray Sports Club which is used today is drawn by Ayatullah Emin in Galatasaray High School student again in 1923. This new drawing contains the letters GS in Yellow Red color interlocking with the harmony of the geometric lines.

This new emblem drawn by Ayatullah Emin and Şinasi Şahingiray was very popular with everyone. Thus, it was proposed that this composition be officially accepted as a emblem. This offer was approved by the acclaim and the Galatasaray Sports Club Emblem used today.

The earliest times, the old letters G and Sin, were converted to the letters G and S after a period of time after the use of the Latin alphabet began. In addition, five years after the team was established, the army was built.

Galatasaray Sports Club Colors

The colors of Galatasaray were not Yellow Red as it always is now. Early times The colors red and white were inspired by the Turkish flag. But at that time Galatasaray administration came up with doubts about these colors and the colors changed. Yellow – Black colors continued to be used for a while. But these colors can not be permanent for Galatasaray. Thus, Galatasaray Sports Club has got the colors used today. So Yellow and Red!
Ali Sami Yen tells the story of the formation of these colors as follows;

” We traveled a lot and then we finally went to the shop of Fat Yanko in the Gardencap. We found two elegant woolen fabrics there. One is a dark sweet red that plays sour cherry tree, and the other is a yellow one with traces of orange. The clerk joined the dances of the fabrics with a hand gesture. There was a glow similar to the color gentleness of a casual boy’s head and wing. It’s like we can see the color games in the fire. We were imagining that the Yellow and Red flame would shine on our team and imagining that it would lead us to victory right away. Indeed, it was. ”

Galatasaray Sports Club Branches

Football; Galatasaray is the only soccer team that won the UEFA Cup without any defeats and finished third in the UEFA Champions League group. He was awarded the Millenium Cup by FIFA in 2000. It was shown as the best team of August 2000 in the study of the World’s Best Football Clubs conducted by the International Football History and Statistics Federation. Also at the end of this year, the world’s best team was chosen.


Men’s Basketball; Turkey is struggling basketball team basketball league. The matches are played in Abdi İpekçi in the arena of 12,500 people.

Women’s Basketball; Turkey Women’s Basketball League is struggling basketball team. The matches are held at the Abdi Silk Arena.

Wheelchair Basketball; Guarantee Wheel is the team that struggled in the Sandalya Basketball League. The matches are held at Ahmet Sömert Sport Hall with a capacity of 2,200 people.

Women’s Volleyball; Turkey is the team that competed in the Women’s Volleyball League. Matches are held at Burhan Felek Sports Hall.

Men’s Volleyball; Men who struggle in Turkey is volleyball team league. Matches are held at Burhan Felek Sports Hall.

In addition, Galatasaray Sports Club;

• Swimming
• Shovel
• Sail
• Men’s Water Polo
• Women’s Water Polo
• Motor sports
• Horseback riding
• Judo
• Bridge
• Athletics
• And also struggles in the field of chess.


Galatasaray’s Winning Cup

• Super Cup – 1 piece
• UEFA Cup – 1 piece
• Super League Cup – 16 Piece
• Turkey Cup – Number 14
• Cum. Presidential Cup – 10 pieces
• Prime Ministry Cup – 5 pieces
• TYSD Cup – 12 pieces

Galatasaray Sports Academies

Football Academy, Basketball School, Volleyball School, Swimming School, Sailing School, Judo and Equestrian School.

Galatasaray Company and Press Organs

Galatasaray Sportif Inc. 62.95% and 37.05% of the company is formed by a publicly held partnership. The full name is Galatasaray Sportif Sanayi ve Ticaret Yatırımları A.Ş.
Galatasaray Store – Galatasaray Store Plus is a store that sells licensed products of GS.
Galatasaray TV, Galatasaray Sports Club’s TV channel.
Galatasaray Magazine is a monthly sports magazine that appeals to fans.
Galatasaray Mobile became a mobile phone operator after being understood by Avea.
Galatasaray Bonus is a credit card with special privileges for team fans.

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