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Hakan Unsal: ‘Fatih Terim does not come to Galatasaray’

Hakan Unsal: ‘Fatih Terim does not come to Galatasaray’

President of the Professional Footballers’ Association of Turkey and Hurriyet Daily News columnist Hakan Unsal, Fatih Terim’s return with regard to Galatasaray took a writing pen. Hakan Unsal claimed that Fatih Terim was not wanted enough by the Galatasaray mosque, its administration and its supporters, and that it would not come up with yellow-red cliché.

Here are the words of Hakan Unsal about Fatih Terim …

“There is a remarkable point here and there is an important point that the teacher should think about why Fatih Terim does not have a very strong name when it is idle.

There is no serious noise from the mosque, and the name of the husband is not taken into the foreground enough. What’s more, the fans also surprisingly want a level below the level expected.

Moreover, while there is a disgraceful Östersunds faction for Galatasaray in the very bad season. Galatasaray has the worst scenario in the last year, Fatih Terim is wasted and there is no strong call for return.

Then it comes to mind. Galatasaray Fatih Hoca is not the only alternative and Galatasaray is not at the beginning of the team at this point, so if Galatasaray is a bit better, Fatih Hodja’s novel will not be read. I think you should think about why your husband is here. Fatih Hoca, who had lost since the last time Galatasaray won because he went bad.

So I say “Teacher does not come right now”. Camia, supporter, management and press When Fatih Hodja says “I am here” I will say “Enough is enough”. I mean, not when you want, you will come when you want Fatih Terim.

The game of the team, Tudor’s elections, results, management’s election anticipation, and the status of the other teams will determine the situation of Fatih Hodja. In fact, Mr. Dursun will determine the fate of the Uzbek administration.

Fatus Terim, the last but greatest trump for President Dursun Özbek, who is trying to make the last season and the Östersunds faciasun forget the transfer by using the transfer corp. Could it be that the President, Fatih Terim, keeps the corpse with a clever move? I know your answer …

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