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Galatasaray’s Future

Galatasaray’s Future

Development of Football in Turkey

I would like to express my thoughts about the two issues that prevent the development of soccer that we like very much in our country.

Tax and Other Liabilities

As far as our clubs are concerned, they are governed by the rationale of the association, that is, they are not profit-oriented even though they are in the status of a commercial company. Unlike practices in Europe, we place on our clubs the taxes and other obligations arising from the income of the players. This creates an unnecessary tax burden on our clubs. This has some advantages and disadvantages.


Since foreign players do not pay taxes, the net amount they earn is higher, so we can bring better quality foreign players to our country in a more relaxed way, in other words, we have watched the same players for better quality.


We pay taxes on our clubs, and as players’ expenses we have to pay them.

When our clubs can not afford these taxes, our state has lost tax. Club administrations are losing time, and they also have to cling to government officials.


By agreeing between the clubs, they can agree to pay the player’s wages over gross amounts, as in Europe, so there is no imbalance between the clubs.

Again, the tax that these footballers will pay can be deducted for certain conditions / services. For example, the player can invest in this country instead of paying this tax. If we go for a simple example, let’s say the player gets 3 million annual fee and has to give 1 million tax. If you buy a house worth 1m euros, or if you get a sense of company, or another investment, you can earn the same money both for yourself and for the economy by keeping this investment for a certain period. There may be different alternative incentive systems. I would like our club administrators to establish a committee on this and meet with the relevant state bodies.

Foreign Limitation

Now, the rules that the federation, in other words the state, have put on this issue harm not only our football but also the country’s economy. If you bring restrictions on a topic that is already in a global trade, and if you are constraining free trade, it is inevitable that there will be inefficiencies there, according to economic theory. Let’s open it up a bit:

As the foreign constraint is not infinite in the domestic player resources, it increases the demand for these resources and increases the prices of these players. In the external economy, we are unable to export domestic players as our players have been kept at a high price, like a commercial product that remains highly priced compared to the counterpart. However, a sector must be able to respond both globally or, in other words, to develop and grow in open / free markets, both at the level of both domestic consumption and external consumption. In other words, the foreigner restriction is in an economic sense, the Turkish actress emerges as an intervention that closes the external pazara production and restricts its natural development. We are stuck in front of the global capital that may come for the local player.

If we take up the socio-cultural dimension of work, we see a worse picture. Because our footballers do not have a chance to give anything other than football, our many well-educated young people do not see football as a preferable career. However, our talented young people in Switzerland, Germany or, I am sincerely convinced that even if there are opportunities to complete cultural and academic education besides football training in the united states, parents will be able to evaluate this option seriously in the current conjuncture. Alex de Souza may have made very serious contributions to Turkish football, but I believe that this country gave Alex a lot more than that, both materially and spiritually. Already when the man went I said I was Turkish. Actually he was not a Turkish person, he saw the respect he could not see in his hometown, he was replaced, he was king; he accepted it.

As a matter of fact, in connection with this issue, that is to say, a planning study on the national and global basis in terms of education and football careers of our young people, communication with the academies around the world and the removal of the foreign border, the normalization of prices and the passing of our country to net exporter related studies should be initiated. According to the interview, foreign footballer’s freedom will contribute to the country in medium and long term in every sense.

Last words

What I have to do for the solution of the problems is not to say how it is done or how it can be done as I mentioned above, but rather to put the related work power and brain power into action in a planned way over time by putting forth the solution vision and determination. As a supporter of how I can put a right vision, this is also discussed. Someone’s got to work! As a nation, this is the only problem with the lack of solution, the misconception that we can change things by taking decisions instead of working. Actually, that’s the whole point.

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