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Galatasaray High School History

Galatasaray High School History

XV. century is a complex built in a large garden where the palace school units, the library, the treasure room, where the palace mektebi enderûn, the Ottoman palace, the daily life of the sultan is spent. Here, a lot of people with information in the field, especially the sultan, could be consulted by other officials in the city. In order to earn the primary and secondary education of these people who received their higher education in the Palace School, II. In 1481, Bayezid founded a school called Galata Palace Humayun Mektebi and formed an important part of Ottoman palace education. Since the institution is educated as a highly educated officer, it also has names such as Mekteb-i Sultani and the Palace of Galata Palace.

Evliya Çelebi reported that the establishment of the school was different; II. Bayezid, while hunting on the backs of Galata on a winter day, sees a tiny hut in a large, well-kept garden. The sultan who met the club’s owner Gul Baba wants to reward him for the joy he showed to the garden, and at the request of Gul Baba, he makes a school and a hospital for this garden.

By the year 1675, while the inner boys of the quarry began to take their talents to the saddle, others began to be dispersed to the cavalry squadron and the institution was liquidated for ten years. The january, reopened in 1715, again undertakes the education of beginner boys. Until 1820, one of the most important institutions of the Ottoman Empire, Galata Palace Quarter, was used as medicine and barracks after this year.

Sultanate Period

XIX. The increasingly important institution in the 16th century becomes a symbol of Westernization and Tanzimat practices in the Ottoman Empire. Because this time, there is a need for an intellectual staff to experience the innovations to be realized in the legal, political, and social areas of the Ottoman Empire, and an educational institution that includes western programs besides traditional education for the training of these staff members. There were schools like Saint Benoît and Notre Dame de Sion in Istanbul, where more foreigners and non-Muslim Ottomans were attending, but these schools were under the control of France rather than the Ottomans. The aim was to create a western institution where the Ottoman Empire would be effective. For this purpose, on 1 September 1868, with the ceremony attended by Abdulaziz, the institution re-operates with the name of Mekteb-i Sultani. Mehmet Cemil Pasha, the Ambassador of Paris, and Fuad Pasha, the Minister of Justice, raise students at the same level as the institution of high school in France. Students also have Catholic, Orthodox and Jewish students. These students, who are able to start teaching at the age of 9-12, read French or Turkish preparations according to their language. In 1908, with the innovations made by the director Tevfik Fikret Bey; 3-year programs for primary, secondary and high school are prepared and the training period reaches 9 years. Piano and violin lessons are also included in the program, while courses in Persian, Arabic, Italian, Latin, Greek, Armenian and German are optional, depending on the elective course status.

High School

In 1927, the institution started education in the name of Galatasaray High School and in accordance with the Republican revolutions. The requirement to speak French in breaks is lifted and general cultural lessons begin to be given in Turkish. For the students who were accepted to the school in 1965, the Feriye Palaces are opened for service. In 1968, during the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Mekteb-i Sultanî, the French President Charles de Gaulle visited the time. In 1975, the institution is brought to the status of anatolian high school and the education consisting of secondary school and language is 8 years. On April 14, 1992, the protocol signed between French President François Mitterrand and the 8th President Turgut Özal passed the Galatasaray Education and Training Institution (GEÖK), which covers primary and university education. Galatasaray Primary School was founded in 1993 and Galatasaray University in 1992.

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