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Galatasaray election explanation

Galatasaray election explanation

Galatasaray, the newly elected term of the management is 3 years explains.

Galatasaray’s official site published the following statements in the description:

“After the election decision taken, it was necessary to explain the legal grounds and reasons for the comments in our mosque.

According to the Tüzüğümüz, accepted and published in accordance with the T. C Civil Law and Associations Law:

The types of the meetings are divided into 3 in 25 of our Charter.

These are: Annual ordinary meeting, Election meeting and Extraordinary meeting.

Again, according to our 27th resolution, it is possible to hold election meetings both ordinary and extraordinary.

Extraordinary election meetings can be held at any time, there is no time constraint in our statute.

According to Article 28 of our Charter, Extraordinary meeting;

1- Board of Directors decision,
2- The written request of the Supervisory Board,
3- The written request of 1/5 (one of the members)


When we always evaluate these items together, it is clear that the executive board has the right to decide on the extraordinary general assembly meeting.

All the organs (board of directors, disciplinary board, supervisory board and registry board) to be elected at the election to be held in accordance with Article 60 of the Regulation shall have a term of office of 3 years.

There is no legal basis for the allegation of the election of the General Assembly and the deeming of the board of directors and other committees to be non-discriminatory. If, in Article 92, the club presidency is vacated for any reason, the provision will find a place for the President to resign or to apply in case of death. “

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