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Fatih Terim plans to include Drogba in technical team

Fatih Terim plans to include Drogba in technical team

After the start of the fourth Fatih Terim period in Galatasaray, experienced technical man team started to gather in Florya Metin Oktay Facilities. After Hasan Şaş, Fatih Terim brings Didier Drogba to his Galatasaray club.

Galatasaray in the beginning of the era of Fatih Terim Florya Metin Oktay Facilities was the start of the reconstruction.

Terim, who says “You will not recognize Florya”, brought Fahri Yilmaz to the facility directorate and gave instructions for the management to go to a new structure in the plant staff.

What is really curious about is; Who will be the team in Term? In 2011, when he was in Galatasaray, he formed a team composed of former footballers and lastly he made a team of former footballers in the EURO2016 adventure of the A National Team and took the campaign to the camp. In the 4th term of Galatasaray, Terim will build a similar structure.


Terim, Scout team, Infrastructure team and Assistant team, who plan to carry out the operation in three stages, started negotiations with the names “catching” the successes in Galatasaray.

We have also started negotiations with Terim, Taffarel, Elmander and Didier Drogba, who recently met with Hasan Şaş and Umit Davala in Florya. Elimander and Drogba will also meet with Terim, Ergün Penpe, Kerem İnan and Tugay Kerimoğlu, who are planning to benefit from the player monitoring committee abroad.

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