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Emenike thanked Galatasaray

Emenike thanked Galatasaray

Emmanuel Emenike, who had a hard time in Olympiakos and was about to leave the team, supported another colleague who had a hard time like him.

Nigerian footballer who was in the statement about the situation of Emmanuel Eboue who played in Galatasaray during the period of Fenerbahce formate thanked yellow-red. Eboue, who confessed to be economically very difficult and psychologically depreciated, was told in the days when his former club Galatasaray would coach the substructure. Emenike, this yellow-red club’s attitude is worth it.

‘In the back, strong’

Insten account share in the Emenike, Nigeria-Ivory Coast match against Eboue in a snapshot they face with “This remembered hard worker footballer, Galatasaray’a greatly thanks. God bless you. Do not think you lost everything, Eboue. Let’s be strong, “he wrote.

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