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Atatürk and Galatasaray

Atatürk and Galatasaray

Great Leader Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk visits Galatasaray High School

The efforts of our founder, Atatürk, who is the founder of our Republic, as a “team supporter” have always been frustrated by the facts of history. Few people in the life of the Russians have gained the leadership qualities and cost the whole nation. It is a misguided misconception that these qualities should be taken away from the belonging of the whole nation in some fields based on verbal testimonies without some formal documents, These people are the people, the communities, the groups and the camels with their historical characteristics. Defending this in the opposite direction will not give the person and the camel a priority, but it will also cause irreparable harm to the social dimension. The real leaders who are aware of this, too, show great sensitivity to participate in formations that do not embrace the whole of society and are not founders or founders. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is one of the people who need to show this respect.

The connection of Ataturk with the Galatasaray community was embodied by his visit to Galatasaray High School on 2 December 1930, 28 January 1932 and 1 July 1933. In the words of Metin Toker, a journalist who has been lost in a very recent history and is a rare “doyen” journalist today,

“No high school has not seen such an interest from Ataturk … Galatasaray, the only ‘Turkey’ ‘Western’ or pop-up window ‘is not the Atatürk revolution of most important, perhaps one of the most important laicism milestones olmuştur.nasıl Military Academy, Military Academy and Galatasaray can not be considered as an ordinary high school if the property is not considered as ordinary education institutions. ”

Universal love
The loving universality of the Galatasaray folklore against Ataturk voices strikingly in the lines of Celalettin Som at number 956: “Galatasaray High School was in the 7th grade.” The class was the first class after the director’s room, facing the front courtyard in front of the manager’s ladder. Our first lesson was French, Our master Monsieur M. Journé was telling … Suddenly all the sounds stopped … In the dark silence, the sound of the iron wheels rubbing against the iron wheels, which resembled the bitter scream of the tram that cornered in front of the mechamber, resonated in our ears … M. Journé He stopped crying and he was crying! … History passed November 9, 1938 at 9 o’clock 5 … ATATÜRK had passed away. ” This is the universal love of universal and societal statesmen in those days.

Galatasaray High School First Visit
The world in 1930 and Turkey’s political and social atmosphere is very lively. Ataturk visits a dormitory tour on November 18th and visits and inspects some schools after returning to Istanbul. The official publication of the State, the Monthly History magazine, describes this event as follows (volume 23-24, number 79-81, page 6630-6631):

“3.12.1930, Reisicum Ghazi, the car of the double car moved from the palace to the Military Academy, the Militia and the Military Academy … … from here to the Galatasaray High School … (…) At the Galatasaray High School, they signed the memorandum of the library. Then they sat in the director’s office for a while and talked about the state of the mecha- nism and the wishes, and they took pictures, pictures and language lessons,

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