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Another transfer statement from Cenk Ergün

Another transfer statement from Cenk Ergün

Galatasaray Sportif AŞ Football Director Cenk Ergün, about the football played in the first 2 weeks of the yellow-red team’s Super League, “We are at least surprised because it was such a Galatasaray that we wanted and wanted.” said.

Ergün, Osmanlıspor’u 3-1 in the description of the match after the match, in two weeks, they get 6 points, and especially because they are happy because of the football said.

Ergun emphasized that they watched a Galatasaray, who is appetitive, willing, wanting to win, oppressing everywhere in the competition, “Ergun, who got the team at the time of the match 3-0, but we have shortcomings.It is not exactly ready for our friends who joined afterwards. So we pressed a little bit, but overall we are happy with the team’s appetite and goals. ” she said.

Ergun, “Galatasaray football in two weeks is surprised you?” “We are the least surprised because we wanted to have such a Galatasaray and we have done a lot of work to build this team with the approval and preferences of our technical delegation and our management.” Muslera, Serdar, Tolga, Martin, Selçuk and Eren They have a good fit as a team, they enjoy playing on the field, and as the week goes by, the higher the quality of physics, the better Galatasaray will be. ” gave the answer.

On the question of Östersunds, Ergün said, “There is no past in Futbold, as I always said, we are Liget Concentrated, we have 32 games, each of our games are final. .

The question about Ergün, Asamoah and Arda Turan is “There has not been much progress since the last time we talked about transfers, we talk when developments do not create too much expectation.” answered.

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