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Ahmet Bulut Arda Turan talked about transfer

Ahmet Bulut Arda Turan talked about transfer

In Galatasaray, moving moments continue to happen. The president of the yellow-red club Dursun Özbek interviewed the player’s manager for Arda Turan transfer. After the interview, manager Ahmet Bulut was there to explain.

Arda Turan interview in Galatasaray! Arda Turan’s manager Ahmet Bulut spoke to beIN Sports after a meeting with Galatasaray President Dursun Özbek.

“I did not come here for Arda Turan, I had an appointment with the President.” Ahmet Bulut said, “The subject was Feghouli, he talked about the transfer, there were a few more jobs, and I talked with him.” said.

Ahmed Bulut clarifies Arda Turan’s transfer news, “Arda has 3 more years of strikes with Barcelona, ​​the president explained himself, he is interested in Arda, but here we have not talked about Arda at all. Arda’s Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid, is loaded with a testimonial, it’s early to talk about something … ”

Speaking about Galatasaray’s transfer to Sofiane Feghouli, Ahmet Bulut said, “There were a few problems with Feghouli, they will be resolved this evening, and if it happens, it will be in Istanbul tomorrow evening.” he said.

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